SkyWheel Upgrade Progress Report

The SkyWheel will be closed starting January 14, 2021 until further notice.


SKYWHEEL® MYRTLE BEACH, Myrtle Beach, SC, January 11, 2021 – SkyWheel® Myrtle Beach announced plans today that the iconic attraction will undergo a major makeover beginning January 14, 2021 to celebrate their upcoming 10th birthday. The SkyWheel will be partially dismantled for a short time to install exciting new improvements to the wheel including a dynamic, state-of-the-art lighting system.

“This project has been discussed for a few years now, but we were waiting for the right time.” said Angie Goeppinger, General Manager for SkyWheel® Myrtle Beach. “Our crew is excited to get these significant upgrades underway to relaunch what we are confident will be the ultimate upgraded experience for our guests as we embark on celebrating our 10th birthday.”
SkyWheel® Myrtle Beach will operate at normal business hours until January 13, 2021, after that, the SkyWheel® maintenance crew will begin removing gondolas in anticipation for the overhaul. The wheel structure and both the interiors and exteriors of the 42 gondolas will be totally refurbished and refreshed. Most noteworthy will be an all new state-of-the-art lighting system, allowing for more dynamic light shows. “We are thrilled to announce this new project to the public,” Goeppinger stated “We believe our guests will be delighted by the changes and our new vibrant lighting features.”

SkyWheel® Myrtle Beach will announce the official reopening date in early Spring as its 10th birthday celebration plans take shape.

Progress Report Update: February 15th
The Wheel has been disassembled and those parts are sent offsite to be repainted. The SkyWheel legs will still be standing, and will be repainted on-site.
Next Up:
– Refreshing the exterior and redecorating the interior of the gondolas
– Transport the SkyWheel back to Myrtle Beach and reassemble
– Install the New LED LIGHTS this Spring for our 10th Birthday celebration on the Boardwalk!
We thank you so much for your patience while we undertake this huge project! Stay tuned for more progress updates and for when we can announce our reopening date this spring.

For questions please contact Rachel Beckerman, Marketing and Brand Manager for SkyWheel Attractions at